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“Malaysian Civil Procedure provides an essential reference source for court lawyers to conduct their matters with utmost confidence. …[E]very practitioner ought to leverage on the wealth of guidance contained in this book”.

From the Preface of the Editor-in-Chief
Tun Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat
Chief Justice of Malaysia

“The purpose of this work is to provide to judges, practitioners, law teachers and students, as far as is humanly possible, a comprehensive commentary on the Rules of Court 2012”.

From the Preface of the General Editor
    Gopal Sri Ram


Built on a product with a long history and numerous successful local editions in various common law jurisdictions, Malaysian Civil Procedure 2021 is the most trusted companion for civil practice. It is pivotal for legal practitioners to have a good mastery of the Rules of Court 2012 and this publication is an indispensable reference tool that gives the practitioner current information, practical insights and confidence to succeed in all areas of civil court work. The team of more than 50 contributors have also taken into account the amendments to the Rules of Court 2012 and relevant case law developments to update the commentaries accordingly.

The updated commentaries to the Rules of Court 2012 are accompanied by a substantially enhanced second volume containing informative and fully up-to-date annotations to ten key legislation essential to civil litigation. The full text of the Temporary Measures for Reducing the Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Act 2020 (which modifies the application of several Acts) has also been included for handy reference. The publication is further enhanced with the addition of more Practice Directions from both Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

The commentaries which have been prepared by a team of expert contributors and reviewed by an experienced panel of Advisory Editors provide invaluable guidance for successful and confident court practice.


  • Exacting quality and accuracy in true White Book tradition
  • Insightful Order-by-Order commentary to the Rules of Court 2012 presented clearly under succinct headings
  • Rules of Court 2012 updated with recent amendments
  • Fully up-to-date text of 10 key civil legislation, with annotations together with the inclusion of the Covid Act 2020
  • Inclusion of case law developments from mid-2017 to the present
  • Contributors drawn from leading law firms, the judiciary and academia to provide authoritative commentaries
  • Reviewed by experienced panel of expert Advisory Editors to ensure high quality of substantive content
  • Extensive collection of court practice directions including practice directions from Sabah and Sarawak with the inclusion of an additional 50 practice directions for this edition

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